Day Trips

Move around Ely for a day trip and sightsee throughout the city in one of our luxury vehicles. You’ll love the comfort for sure.

Are you planning an exciting day trip full of adventure on fascinating attraction sites in Ely? Contact us now! Ely Minibus Hire has a wide range of classy, luxurious vehicles to choose from. Some of the most attractive destinations in Ely including Lincoln Cathedral, Compton Verne and Drayton Manor Theme Park are great, especially for a minibus day trip.

.By hiring our day trip minibus services, you get all the space you need to plan other aspects of that day trip. Our fleet of vehicles are super maintained and completely equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers to ensure your safety. You can be sure to be comfy, all on the day trip, with the stylish seats and heating and ventilation systems. All our minibuses also come with onboard entertainment systems, so that you and your party people can never be bored while on the trip.

We will provide you with a spacious vehicle, that suits all your friends', colleagues' and family's needs. If you are the driver, the proper state of our vehicles will give you the confidence to drive to all the different parts of this great region of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Still, we greatly advise you to hire our kind and qualified chauffeurs. If you want to enjoy your day trip to the fullest, without missing any scene or attraction, you will want to have someone else behind the wheels, doing all the work. You will have a peace of mind and get a better experience during your trip if you let any one of our professional drivers take the wheel.

You no longer have to struggle with driving and enjoying all the beautiful Ely spots at the same time. What is better, our drivers know Ely city very well, so you will have a delightful day trip, minus navigation stress.

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