16 Seater Standard Hire

Are you planning a trip to any location in Ely, Cambridgeshire, for you and 15 other of your friends? Ely Minibus Hire is here for you

The 16 seater minibuses in our fleet are especially perfect for small groups of family, friends and/or business partners, on a trip or special journey. The most common vehicle among our 16 Seater fleet, is the Ford Transit.

Ely Minibus Hire 16 Seater package comes with a completely equipped and road-safe vehicle or vehicles, for your journey. From passenger restraint mechanisms to fully equipped first aid kits, heating and ventilation systems for a comfortable surrounding and seat fixing systems. All the above equipment is checked daily by operators or drivers, to ensure there are no defects.

Our 16 Seater minibuses are also fitted with the modern technology, like ergonomic efficiency and voice-command functionalities. You and your small group of people will be able to enjoy the numerous attractive sites in Ely, without any trouble or hassles.

Please contact Ely Minibus Hire, if you have a planned journey or any other special event where you will bring company, and you wish for transportation services. We guarantee that you will arrive at your destination while relaxed.

If you’ve got any reason whatsoever to transport quite a large amount of people, then feel free to check out the 16-seater minibus.

Contact Details

1 High Street, Ely, CB7 4LJ

01353 469003


Mon to Sun :24 hours