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Ely minibus

Our Bus and Coach Hire Company

We have been able to develop our bus and coach hire company to be able to see to some of the transportation needs that our clients might have. Whether you need to get in and around Ely without any stress or you need to hire a vehicle for personal or business use, then you can count on us to help meet your needs.

Ely Airport Minibus

Get to the airport with n stress whatsoever. We can also help you in working around any excess luggage.

Ely Minibus Transfer also offers a distinctive selection of vehicles and competent driver, for all airport transfers in Ely. Our skilled and friendly drivers will collect you in good time, usually a few minuted before the reservation time.

We will help you get to and fro  Ely, the Mildenhall Airport, London Luton Airport, London Stansted Airport and London City Airport. Now, you don't have to worry about missing your flights or arriving at the airport so late that you have to run through every stage! Our friendly and kind drivers will ensure that they drop you and your family and friends at the airport, at the most convenient time

Are you coming to Ely? We will be glad, to pick you from the airport and take you to the hotel or restaurant of your choice. After your flight, you deserve a peaceful and calm time, which you will receive with us at your service. Enjoy a piece of mind, luxury and comfort, as we transfer you to and from any airport around Ely.

Ely Minibus Tours

Take a citywide tour of Ely in any of our state of the art minibuses and experience comfort at its finest.

Concert Minibus Ely

Ely is home to various musical concerts. Wherever it is, we can easily help transport you to and fro as you attend one.

Coaches to Ely

Take a quick and luxurious coach to Ely from a neighbouring city with Ely Minibus.

Cheap Minibus and Coach Hire

Ely Minibus offers roadworthy and highly effective minibuses for hire at some of the most cost-effective prices. Call us and let’s see how we can help you out.

Private Coach Hire Ely

If you’re looking to hire a coach for any occasion or event in Ely, we at Ely Minibus can help you pout.

Coach Tours Ely

Take a tour of Ely with your loved ones. Take in the sights of this beautiful town and so with style and comfort.

Airport Minibus Ely

Our airport service is always on ground to help you as you aim to go to or come from an airport. With us, your trip will be much more relaxing. 

Luxury Coach Hire Ely

For whatever reason at all, we at Ely Minibus can get you a luxury coach for hire at a very cost-effective price.

Races Minibus Ely

Catch the thrill and excitement at any of the racecourses in Ely…and let us take you there and back.

Festival Minibus Ely

Enjoy ay of the many festivals that hold in Ely all year round with a reliable transport service conveying you to and fro.

Our Vehicles

Our reliable, ample and deluxe fleet of vehicles defines Ely Minibus Hire. All cars in our fleet are driven only by capable, friendly and highly trained drivers. All the vehicles in our Ely Minibus company are accommodative, capacious, modern and they come fully equipped.

Ely Minibus Hire fleet of vehicles has been distinguished by power, comfort and safety. We keep in mind the importance of travelling in repose and arriving on time. From our premium coaches to our executive minibuses, there is always an impressive vehicle for you, your friends, family and colleagues.

Do you need a vehicle for any occasion or trip to Ely? From Oliver Cromwell's House to the Stained Glass Museum, the Ely Cathedral, the Ely Markets, the movie theatre requests or enquiries.

Ely Minibus is a bus and transportations company that is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. We make effective transportations services available to various clients and people who will like to move in and around Ely without stress. 

At Ely Minibus, we make sure to provide our wide array of service s with customer satisfaction and quality delivery as part of our guiding principles. We do all we can to pro

Please, have a look at our lavish fleet of lush, ample and polished fleet of vehicles. Also, contact us in case you have any special requests or enquiries. We will be happy to transfer you to your desired place.

Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard

Here at Ely Minibus Hire, we have a significantly huge number of groups of 14-16 who book minibuses with us. To cater for all their needs, we have made focused on providing quality 14-16 seater minibuses, for all our customers. We have an extensive range of 14-16 seater minibuses that you can hire, as per your transport needs.

Ely, Minibus, Ivaco 16-seater is one of these vehicles. The Iveco 16-seater Standard Minibus comes with lavishly comfortable reclining seats. The luggage compartment is lowered, so that it is easy to reach, with a sufficient storage capacity of 2.5m3. The vehicle proves, even more, quality, with the pantograph rear door being more advanced and easier to open.

Please be assured that our Ivaco 16-seater vehicles will provide you with a princely travelling experience, wherever you wish to go in Ely, Cambridge. You will surely relish the ride in our spacious, spotless and luxuriously designed Iveco 16-seater minibuses. With us, you will no longer have to endure leg cramping and pain. Our Iveco 14-16 seaters have adequate leg room so that you can arrive comfortably.

The Iveco Minibus is a vehicle that is hard to beat. It has 16 seats, all of which are highly comfortable. It also comes with enough leg space and travel facilities to maximize comfort.

12 to 16-Seater Ford Transit

Propitious with an impressive experience, the 12-16 seater Ford Transit can accommodate you and a group of friends, family members and colleagues. We promise you of a homely and ample journey, with no stress on your side. Our fleet of 12-16 seater ford minibuses comes with advanced technology, including automatic headlights that light at dusk. There is also a Shift Indicator light that gives guidance on when to change gear, for maximum fuel productivity.

Ely Minibus Hire range of Ford minibuses also, lets you control the type of music you wish to listen to, with your voice. Please, relax and be easy, knowing that our Ford transit vehicles have Electronic Stability Control that senses when the ford is losing grip. The stability control system automatically applies a braking pulse on every wheel, to enhance stability. The system monitors the behaviour of the vehicle, using a Traction Control System and anti-lock braking.

Propitious with an impressive experience, the 12-16 seater Ford Transit can accommodate you and a group of friends, family members and colleagues. We promise you of a homely and ample journey, with no stress on your side. Our fleet of 12-16 seater ford minibuses comes with advanced technology, including automatic headlights that light at dusk. There is also a Shift Indicator light that gives guidance on when to change gear, for maximum fuel productivity.

The Ford Transit is one vehicle that perfectly amalgamates comfort and style into one. With captain’s chair passenger seats and state of the art travel facilities, it is awesome for any occasion. 

Executive Minibus Mercedes

You can now travel across Ely, Cambridgeshire in deluxe style, with our Mercedes -Benz executive minibuses. The Sprinter model comes with comfortable, easy and capacious space for 6 to 9 members. We  guarantee you a lavish experience and a quality level of ampleness, with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter's sleekness and class

Ely Minibus Hire Mercedes vehicles are the most classy and fit for you, our very valued customer. We promise to ensure that your journey in Ely, Cambridge is free of inconveniences and stress. Getting to experience our services is simple.

Just contact us, and we will get back to you within minutes. The next thing you have to do is avail yourself at your pick-up-point of choice, get in the car, relax and enjoy the ride to any part of Ely.

The Mercedes Minibus comes in both 8 and 16-seater capacities and is capable of enhancing that professional outlook that you will need for any business occasion.

Renault Standard 16-Seater

Ely Minibus Hire is ready to cater for you and your small group's transport requirements, with the Renault 16 seater standard. Our range of master Renault buses has attractive and comfortable interiors, with a spacious 1880 mm headroom and air circulation.

Wherever it is you want to go in Ely Cambridgeshire, Ely Minibus has you covered. You can be guaranteed that you will arrive at your destination, safely, on time and contended. The seats are comfortable, plus there is plenty of leg room so that your legs do not cramp from sitting in the same position for long. If you have a lot of luggage, this is the best minibus for you to hire, with its extra storage space.

At very budget-friendly rates, you can travel and arrive in any one of our Renault 16 Seaters. Ely Minibus Hire is the best in Ely, to handle all of your travelling needs. Our master Renault vehicles are fitted with complete safety gear including; Electronic stability control, Electronic Brake distribution, ABS and rear parking sensors. Whether it is a family, friends or an official trip to Ely, we got you covered

The Renault Standard also makes travel as easy and comfortable as possible. All its 16 seats are designed to enhance comfort and it has enough leg space for easy relaxation.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibus

Are you planning an event or trip with a small group of friends, colleagues or family? Why don't you give us a call?

Select Ely Minibus Hire Volkswagen 16 seater standard and travel stress-free, under the services of our kind and professional drivers. All vehicles in our huge fleet of Volkswagen Crafters are fitted with features to help make your journeys around Ely, as ample as possible. Wheelchair access is enabled either with under door or internal tail lift. The Volkswagen crafter minibuses are fitted with flat floors to eliminate saloon wheel boxes. This mechanism enables both seat and wheelchair occupants to sit with ease.

Are you organising a birthday party, a tour, a corporate occasion or a private trip for you and 15 other of your friends or family? Ely Minibus Hire can offer luxurious and sleek 16 seaters Volkswagen crafters.

Please, contact Ely Minibus Hire today, for a comfortable ride to social events, work and recreational destinations.

Perfect for travel on rough terrains, the Volkswagen Crafter is built sturdily and in a way that helps it to withstand some of the most unpleasant conditions while leaving you cosy inside. 

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